The day i found catfish

This sunday i went to a public park where i found some beautiful sceneries and colored and some different kind of ducks nearby.

I went there just for morning walk but those beautiful ducks and birds made my day beautiful. this is really very nice to be in touch with wild life. this is one of the things I like most. wild life gives keep us in touch with this beautiful nature. thats the reason i like it.


though in this time of technology none of us is thinking about conservation of wild life. no government talks about this and no one care for those birds and animals which are at steps of becoming in red book (endangered) .  Continue reading “The day i found catfish”


When i found a good destination fortunately

This time i didn’t made a schedule of my trip. I went to some place near my hometown for some work. but fortunately i found a new place which i found nice to visit.

I was passing through road then i decided to find something new place. This was a garden like place surrounded by beautiful landscapes and it was a lake in ajmer city of rajasthan.

This was Ana sagar lake which is located in ajmer. It has beautiful views around it which makes it more stunning.

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Must visit places in Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh is a nice city where you can go to different places. This city is a best place if you like to know and explore historical destinations. Rajasthan is bundled with all those interesting historical places. So this may be a nice trip if you are thinking to keep in touch with nature and those adventure which you cant expect anywhere else. Places to visit … Continue reading Must visit places in Chittorgarh


A visit to Chittor – A City of Pride

This is a city in Rajasthan located in Mewar region. This region is widely known for its bright and prideful history. This is a city with amazing aravali range landscapes.This is one of best locations in Rajasthan to visit because of its beautiful places to visit.

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Jaipur City

Jaipur city

Hello everyone this is all about jaipur city

Jaipur is located in rajasthan state of india which is in north east of rajasthan. Jaipur is also known as pink city. This city is painted with pink color i.e. Gerua so its known as pink city. why? because most of the buildings in are painted with pink color. mainly amer town was the main place of jaipur but now its increased too much.

This is one of most beautiful cities of Rajasthan because of its unique architecture. Its roads are wide as compare to Most of other cities. This city have many destinations to visit which are gifted by Uncountable Rajput rulers. One thing i like about this city is that even if you don’t know streets though you can find your destination because all streets are internally connected. Continue reading “Jaipur City”

Wild life

The day before yesterday i visited an nearby place where i found some siberian birds. These were beautiful and colorful as well. I was being attracted by different combinations of its colors.

siberian painted stork crane from ciconiidae family DSCF2382

The name of this beautiful bird is siberian painted stork crane which comes from ciconiidae family.  this is an colored crane which have long legs, long neck and wide wings. Its wide wings let it fly for longer distances, thats the reason that it can travel for longer distances easily. Continue reading “Wild life”

Travel Experiences

Hello everyone I am Nik. I love to travel to specially new places where i can explore new things to know . travel to new places may be good experiences for those who want to have some change in life. It makes us much better.

recently, i visited to a place amer fort in jaipur. That is a nice place to visit. thats a fort made by local rulers. This is a historical place so i learnt much about indian history. Continue reading “Travel Experiences”